Dream Projects

Before the days of smartphones, I had always wished that there was a way to figure out the names of actors while watching a movie on TV. There was always that one character that I could not identify by name, and was too lazy or too engrossed to turn on my computer and sift through IMDB to find the answer. My idea was to set up a system that would be encoded through the cable box, or possibly embedded in the movie itself, that would allow users to use the buttons on the remote to select characters, and the actor’s name would appear onscreen. Now that smartphones with IMDB apps exist, I’m not sure how relevant or useful this is, but I still want to make it. And if not that exact system for a TV, I would like to at least find a means of tagging characters in video with this information. It would be especially cool if this software could do the job on its own. Also, I think that the techniques described here might be useful for accomplishing this feat.

I am still contemplating what my second dream project is. I will update this post once I figure it out.