Video Paramecia at the Spring Show

Video Paramecia was in the Spring Show! In HD! It had a great location in the entrance hallway where lots of people interacted with it. Here are a few screenshots from the second day. My only regret is that I did not get a chance to take any video of people playing with it, since I tweaked it to look a little different than the video shot from my laptop.

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 4.25.15 PM
2 of my awesome professors, John Schimmel and Matt Parker!

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 5.31.04 PM

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 5.44.12 PM

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 6.32.24 PM
The fantastic Clay Shirky and friends!

Screen shot 2012-05-15 at 7.13.04 PM
I believe this one contains my kiosk-mate, Doug Kanter.

See the rest of the set on Flickr.
I made a few changes to the code for the HD screen and camera. See the new code on Github.