The hyperlocal news idea was a good one, but ultimately a much larger undertaking than I imagined. For the final, I decided to scale it way down, because I knew there was no way that I could even come close to finishing a project of that magnitude. Instead, I created a web app called AroundITP, which takes information from or relating to the immediate vicinity of ITP.

Each of the links on the main page leads to a different part of the site. The first link, “Talk amongst yourselves,” goes to a forum page. I tweaked the blog example CSS to make it into a forum.

The rest of the links make use of the Twitter and Yelp APIs. The second link, “Dispatches from ITP,” shows tweets and tweeters that contain “NYU ITP.” The third link, “Dispatches from the neighborhood,” shows tweets that originated within 0.5 miles of the latitude and longitude of ITP. The last two links, “I’m hungry,” and “Damn it, I need a drink,” show the nearest food and bar establishments according to Yelp results.

Read the code on Github.